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Provide a professional counseling and guidance system to those diagnosed with Diabetes, with the ultimate objective of restoring the patient's normal endocrine functions, eliminating the need for future pharmacologic intervention and providing a higher quality of life for participants. Our long-term vision is to become a model organization for promotion and delivery of health care services and Diabetes Support in the United States. Click here for our Core Values.

Type II diabetes is an overwhelming disease that over time, left unchecked, ravages the body and leads to heart disease, kidney damage, obesity, blindness, lower limbs amputation and death. Dr. Pedro J. Martinez developed over the last decade a proprietary Ambulatory Reversal Program (ARP) protocol that actually could be said to conquer this disease. This remarkable discovery led to his Phoenix-based practice becoming overwhelmed with diabetic patients seeking relief from their diabetes related problems. This in turn, limited the time he could spend sharing his remarkable protocol with other physicians, who in turn, could help countless other diabetics worldwide.

Hope Diabetes Center is transforming the way diabetes is being treated, by applying the ARP protocols developed and tested by Dr. Pedro Martinez, M.D. on almost 3,000 patients since 2001. Dr. Pedro Martinez, a Board Certified internist, began specializing in diabetes in the late 1990s. During this time he began analyzing techniques by which he could measure the outcomes of his different treatment protocols. Through considerable effort and trial and error, Dr. Pedro Martinez was able to refine his protocols and began treating diabetics in 2001 in a way that has provided remarkable success.

It is a culturally sensitive, scientifically grounded, evidence based, clinically tested system that minimizes or completely eliminates the necessity of pharmacological interventions for the majority of Type II diabetics - for the balance of their lifetimes! More than 90% of our Type II patients have had their A1C levels drop below the generally accepted normal high range for this key test - and stay there for as long as they remain in our program. This dramatic improvement occurs within the first 21 days in our program.

Benefits of our program:

  • We will help reduce or eliminate your diabetic medications - permanently - including insulin!
  • We will help return your metabolic levels such as A1C levels to NORMAL within 90 days!
  • You will be able to personally measure the improvement in your health and the increased quality of your life within 21 days!
  • Stage Two Remession (Complete) and Three Remession (Reversal).
  • Patients with private health insurance, on average, have their insurance companies pay approximately one half the cost of our critical first year of care and almost 100% every year thereafter.

"We have given almost 3,000 diabetics their lives back over the last 16 years."

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